i get knocked down, but i get up again...

I started my new job today. I work for a supplier to Chrysler (again) as a VPM Coordinator (again). This time it's part time (Tuesday through Thursday) and temporary and I know this right up front.

I would say that today I was kept occupied the entire day - this is more than I can say for my last two supplier jobs.

It's a small office; I think I'm one of six people working there.

I found out about this job from one of the guys I worked with at my last job - his wife works at Chrysler and in a conversation she was having with a supplier, found out that they needed a person who knows VPM. She had her husband call me immediately to give me the info and to have me forward my resume. Which goes to show that it's who you know - and what you know is required later.

Anyway, I guess I can say that I'm pretty fortunate that I found something so quickly...when I wasn't even really looking hard...yet.


Charisa said…
So happy for you! Hopefully you settle in well with everyone!

I don't have the complete scavenger hunt list - but I can certainly recall most of what was on it. Let me know if you'd like me to email you anything.
baby sister said…

Yes please, if you can recall - that would be great. It's always a challenge to figure out new things for people to do for a road rally or scavenger hunt.

Please email me at yvonne dot bosch66 at gmail dot com.


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