what the...???

The day after we placed the rocks around the mailboxes, I guess our neighbor thought that his mailbox needed a bit of sprucing up so he painted it. It's silver.

Jerome says the rain will eventually remove the paint from the curb, stones and plants.

We like this neighbor so we're not going to b!tch, but MAN!


dynochick (Jan) said…

Rembrandt he isn't....maybe more Jackson Pollack.

At least he is trying to make it look better.

Mailboxes are a real pet peeve of mine. They are literally the first thing that people see as they come up to your house. I always try to have a real nice mailbox and usually plant day lilies around the base. It looks so nice when they are in bloom plus they are not affected by the snow, salt, or poor soil.
baby sister said…
Good idea! I just sent Jerome out to get daylilies!!!

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