sticks and stones...

Jerome and I worked on some landscaping over the weekend.

This was not on our honey-do list. Actually, most of the things we decide to work on are not on the honey-do list. It’s frustrating only when it’s time to cross something off the list and we are still bombarded with a huge list. What the heck have we been doing? It seems we are always doing something, but with no gratifying feeling of crossing it off a list.

Anyway, he told me to take some pictures and post them on the blog. He seems pretty proud of it and I’m also glad we did it.

So, we harvested a bunch of softball sized stones from the neighbors’ yard…

Now, before you get all judgmental on us, realize that no one has ever lived in the house since it was built in 2005. The “lawn”, if that’s what you want to call it, cannot be mowed with all these rocks and broken concrete all over the yard. We are simply clearing it so that we can mow the weeds…I mean grass when it starts to overgrow.

So, we then took the stones, along with stones that were in our own backyard and made a border around the pine tree in the front. No grass grows under the pine tree other than a patch here or there. We spray painted a line then “edged” it and dug a berm. We removed the patches of grass and then laid the stones. Looks good.

So then we decided that we would do something similar around the mailboxes. Looks good.
So then we looked at another part of the landscaping that needed a border of sorts. This will make it much easier to cut the grass in these areas…at least that’s the thinking behind the border.

Everything looks good.

Prior to doing the stones around the mailbox we talked about the huge boulder that was placed in the neighbors’ yard by; we’re sure, the previous owners of our house. Terry had brought in a bunch of huge boulders to make the boulder garden in the backyard…we’re sure that this boulder that rests just above our property line on the hill of the “new” house was rightfully ours…so, we “helped” it roll down the hill onto the corner of our property. Looks good.


Tami said…
Looks great! I know what you mean about never getting the list done or things crossed off.

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