MOTD 2009...

I don’t know if I was just too tired of driving (having just returned from South Carolina just 4 days prior and New England two weeks before that) or if it was because the weather kinda sucked, but the MINI’s on the Dragon was not what I thought it would be.

I’m not saying it wasn’t fun, but I guess it was quieter than I expected. Jerome really liked it and wants to return next year.

I didn’t even realize that we had driven “The Dragon” on our way into Fontana Village.
The Dragon is located in Tennessee and North Carolina and is an absolutely beautiful area. The Smokies. The clouds come out of the mountains like smoke – gorgeous!

Fontana Village is great and it seemed like it was a really “MINI” village. Every cabin had a MINI or two. Very cute.

We walked around and looked at the new pool with a lazy river running through it. The water was FREEZING!!! Didn’t completely go in.

There was a MINI car show. That was the only time that the sun shined…and we managed to get sunburned in that short period of time.

We met up with a bunch of our MMMC peeps and had dinner at the cabins twice over the weekend.

We helped out at the Brew Swap and Drive-In by selling popcorn and cookies for charity. The charity was the Graham County Food Bank.

On Saturday I woke up with a horrible pain in my side. I have felt this pain in the past; intestinal blockage. I had to spend the rest of the day in bed. Jerome went out to the caves with a group of our friends from MMMC.

Later we went to the Farewell Dinner and then back to Joan’s cabin to visit some more.

Everyone seemed to hit the hay pretty early and we left the next day…once again, driving on ‘The Dragon” on the way out.

One thing that we’ve learned since we’ve been back is that they are pretty serious about crossing the double yellow line…almost freakishly serious.


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