weight loss competition...

I was the originator of both Weight Loss Competitions at work.

The first competition results turned out better than the second even though when going through the first competition, we all thought we were so lame.

The cost to join was $10. We had 8 participants trying to lose weight over a 12 week period. Our total weight loss was 53.6 lbs. or 25.47%. I came in last place and had to buy the pizza for the group.

Someone had the great idea that we would all do this again.

There was a hint of cheating at the end of the first competition and again at the beginning of the second competition. We had one guy in the first competition that on average fluctuated 2 lbs. up or down every week and then the final week lost 11.2 lbs! He won third place ($12) for the first competition.

Then there was the guy who water-loaded just prior to the first weigh-in of the second competition – which made a big uproar within the group and made it so that we would need to begin the competition with the weigh-out numbers from the first competition. Once that decision was made, some of the participants dropped out…namely the guy who lost the 11.2 lbs. in the last week of the first competition – since he had put on a good 4 lbs. by the end of the weigh-out day – and put on the full amount (plus some) by the weigh-in of the second competition. WOW, who knew working with only guys would be so dramatic!!

This time the cost to join was $20, we had only 6 participants. It was over a 14 week period. Our total weight loss was a GRAND TOTAL of 7 lbs. which equaled 3.86%.

The 2nd Weight Loss Competition ended today. I came in 2nd! I got my money back for both competitions with the winnings of this, so that’s good.

Fun. We won’t be doing that again!


Anonymous said…
too bad you don't have that private club and food and trainers like they do on tv
baby sister said…
not sure it would've helped...we're pathetic!

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