other than the rafting…

Here are some nice things that happened while on our family trip – I call them my little surprises :)

*We arrived about a half hour after my sister D and Linda – so she was first – good job! Marty arrived around an hour later
*That evening, right in front of the Super 8 Motel was a 4th of July fireworks display in the park across the street
*We had no wait at the Bob Evans Restaurant that evening and had the best waiter ever
*We had the rest of the evening to relax in our rooms (while Jacob and Jordan jumped from one bed to the other) and watch TV until we fell asleep
*Even though the weather was very iffy when we arrived at the base camp and the river, as I ordered, we never had rain and we even had blue skies and sunshine for most of the afternoon
*We had perfect “room temperature” weather at the campsite along the river – no rain and no dew
*No one hurt themselves on the trip; everyone enjoyed being in the water at some point or another, whether it was their choice or not
*10 minutes after we boarded the bus, the rains came. By the time we were at base camp to unpack, no more rain
*Fun drive on WV-16, very windy and curvy
*Gas was cheaper in WV than in Michigan


Anonymous said…
I like reading your blog, Yvonne. It sounds like you are the child to keep the family together!

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