smelly pottery barn rug…

After reading all the things about smelly Pottery Barn rugs, I called the Pottery Barn that I purchased my rug from some three years ago.

I spoke to the manager and she told me to bring it back for a full (in store credit) refund.

I had purchased it from an Outlet Mall in Birch Run Michigan and it was pretty far from home, so I figured out a date for when we would be "nearby" and took it back at that time.

The manager was not in that Saturday, but the cashier was EXTREMELY nice and made it very easy. Just prior to this cashier taking care of us, a different cashier had said "rug sales are final"...which made my stomach turn.

Anyway, it all worked out and we got a gift card to use at any Pottery Barn anywhere!

Amazing since like I said before, we had this rug for THREE years!


Charisa said…
I can't believe they gave you a refund! That's great! Thinking I might try and do the same. We bought the rug when we moved to Wisconsin, 3 years ago. We just moved back to the St. Louis area and when the movers asked where I wanted the rug I said, "Leave it rolled up and put it in the basement!" Would love to have that money back, even if in gift card form. I need curtains! Thanks for the update!
Anonymous said…
Hi Von: I find the blog hard to read with the blue background. I really enjoy reading the blog so could you make it a little more reader friendly for an old gal like me. Thanks. Deni
Anonymous said…
I want to see what happens if I comment on an old blog entry

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