Kittens at the rental house again...mama had them in some plants by the breezeway door. Saw them right away. Collected them when they were a week old and now they; mama and babies are all living in our storage room above the garage. 
Here they are at a week old. 

Bubbles is a very attentive mama. Nibblet being held by Bubbles. 

I take them on field trips almost everyday, to explore the house and the yard. I show them to everyone that comes over so that they get used to people. 

However, they feel most comfortable in the storage room, where they have grown up. 

Cuddles is the most adventurous!

Tippy is Cuddles "twin" and these two boys are inseparable. 

Mama is getting very bored in the storage room. She is in jail but gets to go for leashed walks around the property and into the house but is very nervous when her kittens are with her in the house. For the moment, Sparky and Smokey are "dealing". 

Finally, my son had some time away from his busy schedule to bring my granddaughter to see the kittens. It's interesting and familiar to watch her interact with them. She's a little rough but really trying to be gentle eventually.

They are 5 weeks old and will begin to be adopted out around Labor Day weekend. I weighed them last night and they are all almost a pound and a half. Surprisingly, Nibblet is the heaviest even though she looks like the runt. She helps her mom eat the wet food, so that may account for her extra ounces. 

Nibblet - 1 lbs. 6 oz. female - all black
Felix - 1 lbs. 5 3/4 oz. female - black/white
Cuddles - 1 lbs. 5 oz. male - brown/white
Tippy - 1 lbs. 4 3/4 oz. male - brown/white


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