interesting AirBnB experience...

We now have the rule in our house rules "only registered guests allowed to stay overnight". 

The girl from L.A. The Italian model. The restorer of expensive cars. The travel blogger.  It's ALL her. 

She had booked with us 6 months prior. She was going to her good friend's wedding. She had booked for 2 guests but then informed us the day before arriving that it would just be her. 

The first night was fine - that was the rehearsal dinner. She arrived home by 12:30am, no biggie. It was the night of the wedding that she arrived home at 2:30am, stumbling up the stairs with "someone" who drove her home. 

In the morning, we set an extra spot at the breakfast table and eagerly awaited meeting our surprise guest. She brought home a guy that she claimed to have known for a couple of years. We awkwardly went with the flow. She even had him hang out with her for the entire day in the room.

To top it off, you would think she would know a thing or two about etiquette since she is a travel blogger...ah well, she's young and beautiful and for us it's a learning experience :-). 

Other than the whole surprise guest thing, she was a nice enough girl. We won't get into the whole check-in/check-out time thing and having to ask her to leave...had the "guest" thing not have happened, we would have recommended her to other hosts...but alas, we did not.


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