ok, here's an update...

...this reno is going to kill me.

It's taking so long because we only go to the condo after work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, usually 6-9pm and then we try to go the whole day on Sunday, which is never before noon.

We are s.u.p.e.r. s.l.o.w.!!!  I haven't stopped painting and I'm still not done.  We have so much stuff in all the rooms, it's difficult to go around stuff in order to paint.

I have to wear my mask the entire time now because I am having throat / breathing issues.  I went to the doctor about it last week.  I was prescribed an antibiotic, a probiotic and a steroid.  All these meds made me feel like $h!t with heart palpitations, tightness of the chest, surprise diarrhea and just all around yuk.  I'm off of all those meds now and the original symptoms are still here.  I really hope my body will overcome this once we are all done.



Jan Hunyady said…

Oh no!!!

I can relate about the breathing thing. Did he give you an inhaler???

Have you tried using a fan in the window blowing the air out of the room?? That might help pull the fumes away from you.

Did they do a lung capacity test?

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