dream, dream, dream...

Well, I think I was dreaming a little bit about how much work I could have our summer student intern do...I don't feel too comfortable yet to have him do too much, but last Friday I had spent the greater part of the day cutting down and burning the bamboo that died over the winter.  There was a ton.  It happened that Jerome and Felix showed up in the middle of it and I asked Felix to help cut the bamboo up into little pieces so that it could get burned easier in our little elevated fire pit.  We worked until it was dark.  He says he's used to doing work like that since he's from Bavaria and the forest.  Good to know :-)

We've taken Felix to a couple of MINI Cooper Club events.  One was a BBQ that one of the MCC members was having at his house.  His event was called "Drink all the beers!"  Felix really liked that and when it was time to leave was asking "why is it time to leave?"

The following weekend we had a MINI Cooper drive to the other side of the state.  It was a memorial drive for our fellow members that passed away last year.  Took us 2h 45m to get there and then we drove around for a couple of hours and then we had to drive back to our side of the state to attend our niece's birthday party.  Jerome mistakenly told Felix that we are usually the last to leave this party...and when people were still there at midnight and we were wanting to leave, again Felix started with the "why is it time to leave?  I thought you said you are the LAST to leave!"  It's like we have an instant adult kid! :-)

We've also taken him on a little tour of Detroit via Grosse Pointe and had dinner at the Green Dot Stables.

Still working slowly on the condo.  The girl that said she was interested in renting was quickly disinterested and we're not exactly sure as to why, but that allows us to NOT have a deadline and I think we're OK with that.

I don't have many photos to show the progress because the progress is on things that don't show well in pictures...that's my story!

We still have the water heater unattached and in the bathroom.  Hope to get that taken care of in the next week.  Jerome has cut all of the tiles for the laundry/utility room and it's all ready for adhesive.

We have picked up the kitchen cabinets from the Home Depot* and we will attempt to hang the uppers tonight.  That means that I have finished the two coats of paint in the kitchen - YEE HAW!  Maybe this place will start to shape up!

*long story in another post regarding this.


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