what's new and exciting?...end of february and beginning of march

...the doldrums...or seasonal affective disorder...or lack of motivation.

Caught a cold and spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV.  Jerome was in Mexico for work and he caught something too, probably on the plane ride.  His only lasted a couple of days, but we were for sure lacking motivation.

No worries though!  We finally started another home improvement project!!!  I'm sure you were worried.  This one is a quick one (we think).  During the last home improvement project, just as it always seems to happen, while trying to fix up one thing another thing gets ruined.   So, we are replacing the ceiling tiles in the storage area of the basement.

You may remember that while doing the kitchen reno, the hose for the ice maker in the fridge leaked from the kitchen, down to the basement and ruined 4 ceiling tiles.  I replaced the ceiling tiles with ones that were in the ceiling of the storage area in the basement, so now we needed to get some more ceiling tiles for that area and install them.

In the meantime, Jerome thought that we could clean up the wiring for the alarm system (that we don't use)...so he began cutting and pulling out the wires.  We will take them to the scrap yard and get some $$ for them (there's copper in them there wires, ya know).  Well, we found out a little later that some of the wires that he cut were to the land-line telephone.  So he spent all of Sunday trying to figure out how to reconnect those wires.  Always something, but it goes along with our theme of "ruin while improving"...

We picked up the new ceiling tiles last night at Menard's.  First time in that store in our lives!  While there we also purchased a chandelier for the basement bathroom and a new dehumidifier since the old one was intermittently working.

That will be this weekend's project.  Should be done in no time!


In the past week or so, we found out that Jerome's broken rib (from 4 years ago) either never healed properly or the rib is fracturing around that healed area.  He's got a doctor's appointment tomorrow to figure this out.


Jerome is finally working on the papers for his US citizenship.  He didn't want to do it until his green card was coming up for renewal - that was so that he wouldn't waste the money that it cost to get the green card in the first place.

I told him that he better STAY married to me once this is all said and done!!!  He said "No worries Bun, according to this form, I could have dumped your sorry a$$ back in 2008...".

Thanks for keeping me for so long :)


And finally, the MINI is an accident magnet!  I was on my way to visit my friend Debbie.  She invited me over for breakfast.  I was making a right from 18 Mile onto Utica.  The light was red.  I was inching up to make a right on red but there was a car coming from the west.  I didn't want to chance it because I was not feeling well so I waited for it to pass.  The young man behind me thought that not only I could make it in front of that car, but he could too.  He wasn't looking at me, he was looking at the oncoming car and gunned it.  SLAM!  Right into my backside.  Not much visible damage to the MINI but his (father's) car's airbags deployed!  It was a Mercedes S Class.  Bummer.

Apparently he is fighting the ticket because I received a letter in the mail to appear in court next week.  I am not obligated to appear...so I choose not to.

The MINI had $415 in damage to the chrome piece and bumper...really nothing.  It's all fixed and smelling of new paint.


dynochick (Jan) said…
LOL I've been waiting for a new post.

During our security system wire removal we think we cut the wire to the doorbell. grrrrr They had wire stapled everywhere even outside on the shingles where they went room to room. It appears that every sensor had it's own wire back to the box. Sheesh.

This blog is installing their own and of course I don't understand it but I bet Jerome would.
So far he has had 2 or 3 posts about the system.

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