tapping our maples...

We have two maples on our property.  One is a black maple and the other species we have not identified, however it has yellow leaves in the fall, but not vibrant yellow like you would see on the sugar maple. 

I have read a little bit about the black maple and I guess it is in the family of Norway maples.  It has purple, almost black leaves.  I have read that it could be a "Crimson King".  I don't know if it matters all that much, I have read that you can get sap from any maple in order to make maple syrup or maple sugar.

I had mentioned a bit about wanting to tap our trees in a previous post, so I won't get into all of that again.  In this post, I just wanted to share the pictures I took yesterday evening when we did the actual tapping.

Measuring the diameter of the tree trunk

Drilling the tap hole using a 5/16" drill bit

Fitting the spile into the hole

 Gently tapping in the spile
Stile in tree
Let the sap RUN!

Assembling the bag system

Smokey is c-c-c-old!

Drilling the other maple in the backyard
Zee hole!


Hanging the bag onto the spile

This tree is large enough to take a least two taps/bags

oh so FLUFFY!
Black Maple in the front of the house


Unidentified maple on the side of the garage in the backyard

Close-up ~ We hung the bags facing south

The backyard upper garden


dynochick (Jan) said…
Are you going to build a SUGAR SHACK? Then you can sing the song Sugar Shack.

FYI don't boil it down in the house because it will leave a layer of sticky on everything.

I read somewhere that you need to go out early in the morning and pick the frozen ice out of it. I guess the water part of sap will freeze but not the sugar part. By removing the ice you help to concentrate the sap before you boil.

Is it flowing yet?

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