second week of august ~ anything new and exciting?...

Slowly (and I do mean s.l.o.w.) but surely, we are coming to this project's end.

Today marks 4 months that we've been working on this project.  FOUR MONTHS!  We've been asked or it has been implied that this project shouldn't have taken this long.  What's the deal? Why is it taking so long?

Out of all of these people that have asked or implied, have any of them ever tackled a project of this magnitude?  While having jobs and other responsibilities that are constantly pulling you in the other direction?

Take this past Friday.  My day off from work and a day off from parental care duties...or so I thought.  I had a laundry list of things that I wanted to accomplish (maybe even some laundry...), but as I was waking up from my well needed slumber, I received a phone call from my mom who was experiencing some severe leg cramps all the night before.  She wanted to see her doctor and didn't feel confident enough to drive herself.  So, I get the call.  Of course.  I'm the only daughter in this state.  I always get the call.  Always have, always will.  ALWAYS.  I tried not to be too disappointed that my planned day was crumbling around me and I figured, eh, I will be home around noon, 1pm the latest.  Boy, was I wrong.  Her doctor doesn't work on Friday's (oh, neither do I!...), so we needed to go to an Urgent Care.  She didn't want to go to ER, as it was suggested by the doctor's office because she says it takes too long.  So, we picked an Urgent Care in the area that is affiliated with the Henry Ford Hospitals.  When checking in we asked about the wait time and were told it would be over an hour.  This was enough to depress both of us, but we went and waited in the waiting room.  We were not seen by a doctor for well over 4 hours!  Day was a total bust.  The doctor didn't even prescribe her anything, only to tell her to drink lots of water, walk around when it's happening and when she feels it coming on, she should take her pain medication (that she already has at the ready).  Really?  I had told her that in the waiting room.  Really, it was such a shame and such a waste of time and of a beautiful day.  Plus, the entire time I was with her, she was not experiencing any pain.  None.  Oh, was I frustrated!  Driving home thinking all kinds of bad things about time wasted and stuff I wanted to do...blah, blah, blah.  By the next day, it was in the past and I wasn't angry anymore and life went on.  Sunday night, just as I was watching TV and falling asleep on the couch, I was rudely awoken by a HORRIBLE cramp in my upper, inner thigh!  Leg Cramp of all leg cramps!!!  I couldn't even stand up straight.  I have never experienced this kind of cramp in my life.  And immediately, after I screamed a bunch of MF'rs, I very loudly apologized to my mother.  Lol.  BTW, it's the next day and my leg still hasn't completely recovered.  Karma's a b!tch!

So before my leg cramping experience was the weekend.  The weekend consisted of finishing the grout on the backsplash, spraying the last of the doors (NOT!) and hooking up the water to the kitchen.

Saturday we ran out of white lacquer.  The place where we buy it is only open during the week.  I called the technician to see if he would be willing to do an "emergency paint mix/pick up" and I guess he has boundaries ;) and told us he could take care of us on turned out to be fine.  We did what we could with the white that we had and then we were done with the spraying until next weekend...maybe.  We were spraying until after 11pm on Saturday, so I'm not sure we would have had much time to finish up the 15 white doors and 2 black doors on Sunday, so it was just as well that we didn't pick up any more paint as it would have forced us to try and finish.  Never good to force yourself because then you make mistakes.

My sister says this reminds her of an Easter Island statue :D

The list of things that still need to be done:
  • finish spraying the fronts of 13 white cabinet doors and respray 2 espresso & 2 white cabinet doors
  • touch up paint on crown molding
  • connect electrical boxes
  • reinstall phone (NEEDED! ~ yes, we still have a land-line) 
  • install said cabinet doors
  • install cabinet hardware
  • install and paint moldings (around windows, doors and cabinets)
  • paint windows and frames leading outside
  • install window sills
  • fix leaky garbage disposal
  • decorate!


dynochick (Jan) said…
It looks so professional and fabulous, too.

Hey, I can relate to people asking 'why is it taking so long'. Everyone is used to seeing a whole house redo in 30 minutes on TV with a huge crew and bottomless pockets.
baby sister said…
Thanks Jan,

Yeah, exactly what Jerome had said to me. He said that HGTV is doing a disservice to their viewers because they make one think that a project can be done in 2 days or like in that one show Renovation Raiders, it can be done during the time you go out to dinner and come home. I'd really like to see those projects up close.
dynochick (Jan) said…
I was just looking at the photos, again.

Everything is stunning. I love the colors that you chose AND those cabinets are just perfect.

I know what you mean about the quality of work that is done on some of those shows. As much as I like Rehab Addict.....some of her work is sub par. I cringe whenever I see her paint or stain.

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