anything new and exciting ~ last week of august

Bullet list of things that we've been up to in the past two weeks:

  • Grand-doggie sitting for the weekend
  • Harsens Island 1st annual kitchen tour
  • Bat in the house!
  • Price is Right LIVE at the Casino Windsor
  • Hot air balloon festival in Metamora with my niece Sam
  • 2 sets of Airbnb guests; one stayed for 5 days and the other two stayed for the weekend
  • Fall/Winter Community events schedule came out and my wreath making class is in it!
  • Finished (FINALLY!!!) spraying the last of the kitchen cabinets
  • oh, and it's our 10th Anniversary today!!!

Bat catching outfits

The list of things that still need to be done:
  • install last of the cabinet doors
  • install cabinet hardware
  • install and paint moldings (around windows, one door and island)
  • paint windows and frames leading outside
  • install window sills
  • finish decorating.


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