april week 4 ~ anything new and exciting?...

Let's look at the bright side, shall we?

I could make this a b!tchfest, but I will try to see the good in all of it.  So, here we go...

Just before my sister surprised me, we received our first official request for a room in our home, but had to turn down our first guest from AirBnB...but on the other hand, we hosted my sister!

All weekend and all week long
Worked on the kitchen demo, at this point we have no more cupboards/cabinets/sink/dishwasher...as Jerome puts it, we've never been so close to finishing.

Had our first stop by the Riverside house (only took 3 weeks of the new tenants) to take down the canopy that the previous tenant left.  The winds were strong last week and picked up and threw the canopy...the good news is, I will sell the panels to be used as trellises, should be $5-$10 a panel on CL.


Got to bring my sister with me on my MOW run and per usual, it was an awesome day.  Never had a bad day on my MOW run.

My sister Terry's focus for the week was to bring my mom to all the Senior Living facilities in the area so that she could decide on which one to move into.  Little did we know that mom would make a decision and put down a deposit.  I guess Terry's Mission was Accomplished.

In the meantime, while my sister was on the phone with one of the Senior Living places, I needed to make a run to Ruth's house (next door to our rental) to see about one of the female ferals (Delta) who was thought to be very sick...looks like she may have only been basking in the sun.

Jerome visited Allstate...this needs a longer post, but let's just say "he has 5 days"...which ends this week Wednesday (5 working days).

I had plans to spend the entire day working in the yard but the kitchen had a different idea.  A disaster with water (your enemy)...the water valve for the hose that takes water into the refrigerator was not completely shut off, thus we had a constant drip...into the basement.  Totaled 4 ceiling tiles and dripped all into the dishes we are storing in the basement...the bright side, you ask?  There are actually two ~ first one is that we were storing all that stuff on tables and the leak ended up in all the dishes instead of on the carpet.  And the second is after our kitchen renovation, we will get to replace all the ceiling tiles in the basement, which was something that was on my to-do list.  Winning.


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