more eBay drama...

Got an email today from PayPal stating that either the buyer or the bank of the buyer has reversed their payment for an old Hallmark ornament.  They will email again once they finish their "investigation"...

I didn't know that could happen once the money was paid and the item was shipped.

Tried calling PayPal but because Jerome is the one on the account, they won't talk to I have to wait for him to come home from work.

In the meantime they told me I could contact the buyer and ask them why it was reversed...and so I did.

I'm awaiting the answer.

I'm just happy that it hasn't yet happened with any of the other auctions.  These problems are starting to effect my bottom-line!  Actually, it wasn't one of the larger priced items, but I really don't want money to be taken out of my PayPal account once it's in there.  And I want to be paid for what I've already shipped to the person.


I had heard from the buyer over the weekend asking for patience since the payment should have gone through her credit card and not her checking.  The item + shipping was only $ Jerome says, if you don't even have $7 to spare in your checking account, maybe you shouldn't be buying anything on eBay.

Got an email from PayPal today stating that I had won my reversed payment case.  YAY!


dynochick (Jan) said…
What is the reason for the chargeback??? Not received or not as described?? Your postal receipt is good for evidence.

This is what I do. I photograph the package once it is sealed. If delicate, I photograph the packaged before it is sealed. I send a photo of the package and of the postal receipt to the buyer. I always get at least delivery confirmation. If it is going to an apartment I get signature confirmation because the latest scam is "the mailman left it at my door and someone stole it".

I had a case brought against me by a guy in Nova Scotia. Never contacted me just filed the case. He had bought multiple watches from me over the months. I immediately called PayPal and let them know that he had it currently for sale on eBay (I just happen to see it when searching watches.) The guy lives in a small town. I then contact him and ask "why" he says you never sent it. I informed him that I had even sent him the postal receipt and package photo. He replies oh that's right but I never got it. I said that's funny but you currently have it for sale on eBay and I have already informed PayPal. His answer was that it must be his girlfriend who listed it and didn't tell him. He immediately dropped the case. But the a$$ had his hands (male) in the photo. He tried buying from me again but I wouldn't give him a deal and would only send by registered mail ($$$$). He hasn't been back and I see he no longer sells any watches. What a fool he was making about 50 bucks a watch on the watches I was selling him. These idiots think they can scam but you have to watch them every step of the way. I also do not use PayPal or eBay labels. I hand write all my labels and write the zip very large. My postal guys tell me everything is scanned and a scanner reads your writing. Zip is most important. If the scanner can't read it, it is kicked out and hand scanned when they have time. If it still will not scan because the label ink is light, they have to hand key it into the scanner, again when they have time. He told me that just recently their post master sent a letter to an eBay seller to come and pick up all of their packages and relabel them with label that was printed dark enough to scan. Clerk said the latest seller scam is to print lightly with a font that doesn't print a continuous letter but leaves gaps to save ink. He said they just do not scan.

I have not lost any packages and mine seems to arrive very fast.

BTW make sure they return the item in the same condition it was sent before you give them a refund. Also ask PayPal about their seller protection if the bank rules in their favor. AND let your credit card know what is going on because they can step in and stop a chargeback. Most of the time they only hear one side of it and the fact that they didn't contact you first is fishy. Also if they waited past the 45 days (PayPal) that is why they went with the chargeback....but why wait 45 days if the item was not any good??? I vote scammer.
baby sister said…
Well, what I can tell from the tracking is that it arrived but she was not there to claim it, so there was a note left. She must not have seen it until nearly a week later because it was not "delivered" until the 23rd...however it seems that the case was opened on the 25th. So, I don't get that.

I received a new email this morning from PayPal saying that I need to go to the "Resolution Center" and click on "Respond" and give them the tracking number and a bunch of other info. I tried and there was not a "Respond" option, there was only a "View"...So I HAD to call PayPal again.

This time when I called PayPal and they asked who they were speaking with, I said Jerome. And while I was on the phone, she said she had the tracking and could see that it was delivered so they reversed the charges. Seller Protection. Plus I do use PayPal to print my labels, so of course they would have the tracking info. Just a bummer to deal with two issues in the same week.

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