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As some of you know, a couple of years ago we had our garage rebuilt.  With that garage we added a deck on the top.

This year one of us made the suggestion that we should install a TV in that area.

I will not tell you which of us made the suggestion and which of us disagreed with this suggestion; all I want to know is what do you think?  Is this something that you would consider?

The more opinions the better!


Charisa said…
My parents have an outdoor TV on their sun porch and they use it all the time. My dad was the one who wanted it, by the way. :) My mom seems to use it more for listening to music for morning coffee, but all in all it's perfect for when you want to be outside but still watch your shows. I say go for it. You may be surprised!
french sil said…
the question is : do you really often watching tv during the day?

Maybe this place can be used such as a quite place or used for chatting with friends and family and not a place which can be spoilled by tv.

we will happy to test this place next year.

we are waiting for you
dynochick (Jan) said…
When they do all those high end outdoors spaces on TV, they always have a flat screen tucked up by the rafters.

BTW I still luvvvvvv that deck. Shouldn't you guys enter it into a contest or something. It is just so cool.

BTW again.....why are you posting more often????? I know you are FBing but I got this thing for blogs.
baby sister said…
I'm so tired and so busy these days. I have in my blog drafts the talking points of our trip to France and Italy - I just have to tweak it so that it's interesting and not too long.

FB makes it so much easier to just post a bunch of pictures with little headings, but I'll get back to it. I do love blogs too :)

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