wedding + peyton's 1st birthday party...

Well, it's done and it turned out really nice.

Over the weekend we had the double party for Sam & Justin's wedding celebration and Peyton's 1st birthday.  It was a nice turn out; counting my family and Justin's dad's family, we accounted for just over 50 people.  I'm not sure about Sam's side.

I was very happy because ALL of my brothers and sisters were able to make it.  That was a little more on the last minute side, but I was relieved that the DeYonker's were totally represented at this function!

Peyton had her moment too. Everyone came to the basement where her cake and "smash" cake were located.  They sang Happy Birthday and then Justin took her hands and actually smashed them into the cake.  In my memory, this was my first time witnessing something like this ~ it's cute and gross at the same time.  I'm not a huge fan of food on children's faces, but hey, I'm biased and it was fine for my granddaughter!  She seemed to enjoy it. A new tradition for Justin I suppose.

Sam & Justin had their own little "smash" cake as well...only not so much smashing.  This was nearly identical to the cake they had for their wedding.

Some guests enjoyed swimming in the pool, oh and the Selfridge Air Show was scheduled for that day - some planes flew right over the house, but this did not disturb anything.

As with any event, you can count on some glitches.  Here are some talking points:

Glitch1: Hadn't had enough time to get a proper wedding card so I put Justin & Sam's gift in a blank greeting card that I had at home, didn't sign it, put a post-it with their names on the envelope and kept it open.  I called Jerome to stop on his way and pick up a wedding card (2; one for us and one for my sister).  Before Jerome arrived with our official wedding card, Justin was looking for something to do and I asked him to get the cards (Peyton's bday card and the unsealed greeting card) out of the car and bring them to me.  A few minutes had passed and I saw Justin and asked him if he got the cards.  He said he had and he put them in the card boxes.  UGH!  An unsealed, unsigned card with a post-it note is what they would have from me and Jerome to open since there was no way to retrieve it from the box once it passed though the slit at the top!
Solution: Well, really no great solution.  I told them to wait to open our card so that when I showed up at the house the next day, I could take the greeting card and swap it with a signed wedding card.

Glitch2: The weather.  It had been threatening rain the entire day.  When we were putting the runners on the tables, they just kept blowing around and the candles kept blowing out.  Around 4:30pm, it let loose!  A downpour!  Not the best for an outdoor party.  Lucky for us it only lasted for around 30 minutes.  And under the tent everything was dry!
Solution: We had Justin go out and buy some flat headed thumb tacks so that we could secure the runners to the tables.
In the future, we will buy those battery operated tea lights...they never blow out and you can use them over and over again.

Glitch3: We had two projectors going with the wedding DVD; one in the house and one in the tent.  We used white sheets as the movie screens...this seemed like a good idea at first...after the party you can give the couple some new sheets, but they didn't lay right, they were a little ruffly.
Solution: No solution for this party, but next time we do something like this, we will borrow the big outdoor screen from my friend and/or use my parents old movie screen...

Glitch4a: I have to say it...the Karaoke guy.  At first we were going to get a friend of Sam's parents who does karaoke, but that fell through and so we got someone different...who was filling in for the regular guy.  At first he started setting up outside and was visibly annoyed by guests sitting at the nearby tables.  We had to move everything because he was going to set up his speakers right where guests were sitting.  Eventually they decided to move it indoors.  He was supposed to start at 7pm, but by nearly 8pm, I still hadn't heard any music or singing.  He was not trying to attract people to him so I went to investigate.  I asked when he was supposed to start and was told that he had started.  
Solution: I went to where my family was sitting and I told them that it was time for karaoke.  Luckily they all came when I asked and we spent the next couple of hours in the basement karaoking!
Glitch4b: He had tons of CDs, but every time we asked for a specific song, he didn't have it, even if the song was on the list of songs you choose from the booklet he handed out.  Or he had the CD (the original one with the artist singing) and no lyrics to put on the teleprompter.  He shared with us plenty of excuses and was a bit grumpy at first.
Solution: Make lemonade :)  I would say that karaoke was 97% The DeYonker's thing!  We ruled the mic and dance floor all night.  Tons 'O Fun!

The DeYonker portion of the karaoke party started breaking up around 11pm-ish...when some of my family had to go home since they had a long drive in the morning (back to Boston).  The rest dispersed to mingle with the rest of the party and I think we got home around 2am.

Not sure how much longer the party went on, but there were still plenty of people milling around when we left.


dynochick (Jan) said…
Everything looked wonderful. I love purple and lavender.

What's a party with glitches...LOL

That baby is so dang cute!!!!
baby sister said…
Thanks! We think she's pretty adorable!

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