I think the last time I purchased a brand new mattress was when I was 14 years old ~ and it wasn't me that purchased it, it was my parents.  I didn't have a choice and I wasn't all that discerning at that tender age, so it was a fine enough mattress.  My first Queen size.

Now I'm 45 and Jerome and I have been talking about getting a Tempur-Pedic for what seems to be ages now.  We've been sleeping on an extra hard mattress for several years (it was a hand-me-down from my mother) and it was fine at first; nice and firm, but over the years my back, neck and hips have been starting to hurt quite a bit.  I've been having trouble sleeping and haven't really looked forward to laying in bed for quite some time.  Jerome was sick.of.it.

Buying a mattress is a very difficult process and quite personal.  It doesn't seem personal when you are rolling around all these different mattresses on display at Art Van while shoppers are walking by, but you really need to get over the fact that you are also on display and you need to FOCUS.

Tempur-Pedic was having a special for the first time ever (according to the salesman).  Something like $200 off the Deluxe, which is the exact mattress that we chose when we did the hour or so mattress test a couple of months ago.  Plus a $125 gift card to Best Buy.  And Gardner-White was also offering 0% financing for up to 6 years!  My financial wisdom says to always go for the 0%.

Forward to last week Friday.  The mattress was delivered and set up.  I put the mattress protector on that not only protects the mattress, but protects the mattress warranty.  Then I laid on it. Ummmm, comfy...

When Jerome came home, the bed was all made with freshly washed sheets and duvet covers.  Later he told me that it has a smell.  A polyurethane smell.  I had been trying to ignore that aspect until he mentioned it, but then it all came flooding in.  I googled it and it's a known issue!  UGH!  You may remember from an earlier post about a smelly Pottery Barn rug that we had in our room.  My olfactory senses are so sensitive to smells and I get headaches and sometimes if the smell is really bad, I'll get dizzy.

I Facebooked my friends that had said that they purchased a Tempur-Pedic and asked them if they've experienced this issue ~ and they have, but they've said that you either get used to the smell or it does go away somewhat.

Tempur-Pedic doesn't really have a return policy per se, you can return your mattress for a harder or softer one (you will incur a re-stocking fee), but not a complete return and refund.  My head was spinning.  OMG!  I've been HAD!  This is a $2400 mistake!

What the Tempur-Pedic FAQ said was to remove the cover and let it air out.    This is also what my FB friends were told by their salesman.  Our salesman suggested no such thing. So, since last weekend, we've had the cover off, the windows open, the doors closed, a high speed fan in the window and the ceiling fan going.  It has been in the high 90's this whole week and so the room is extremely hot and the air is humid...and it still smells.  I had to re-wash all the sheets and duvet covers because the smell soaked into them as well.

We've been sleeping on our old mattress this whole week in a different room.

I really hope that the smell dissipates soon...we'd like to stay in our own room and really try out this mattress and see if it is at least what they all claim it to be.


dynochick (Jan) said…
That was the first thing that I noticed when I looked at my B & G's new mattress.

When they mentioned that you could get a pillow made out of it,I thought to myself...no frigging way could I stand that smell right in my face.

I would think if it is a known problem that they would be required to inform you ahead of time. What if you had breathing problems?

Seems odd that they hasn't been able to correct the problem.

Good luck.
baby sister said…
The smell has dissipated, not completely but it's OK now.

The comfort of the mattress is AWESOME! now that I've been able to spend some time really sleeping on it! I have little to no more lower back pain in the morning and don't walk like a complete cripple when I get up. However, I now have neck pain :) which I'm sure could go away pretty quickly if I had a TP pillow. It's on the xmas list.

Jerome has called TP to complain about the smell and they have a highly rehearsed response.

Smokey likes the TP mattress as well and chooses it more often than my pillow. She has shown me how straight her spine is since sleeping on it ;).
Charisa said…
I'm glad the smell has gotten better. I can't even imagine - that would be horrible! I have a TP pillow and have never smelled anything - and you know I would if there was a smell to be smelled. Hope it keeps getting better and glad you're comfy!

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