justin time (just in time)...

Justin was here for a couple of weeks. It is called Block Leave and he was able to take this time before he deploys later this month.

The Army has changed him a bit...of course, to the better. He is growing up and some of those old young boy traits are finally falling away. I didn't catch him in any "over the top" stories (lies) and I didn't feel afraid that money would disappear out of my wallet or the keys to my car needed to be with me at all times.

It was a lot less stressful too because he is now old enough to do stuff that he wanted to do when he was too young. And I could look at him as an adult and not have to remind him of rules.

Oh, and he helped around the yard, which was always such a pain to get him to do. This time, it was raining on his head and he still stayed out the whole time until the job was done. AMAZING! However, I did have to ask him to help - he didn't offer, but we'll get there.

He will be deploying soon and this does not make me feel very secure. There is only one good outcome of deployment; come home safe and sound.

I don't want him to lose his easy nature. Easy to laugh and easy to smile. He's always been that way. I don't want him to see or do anything that will take that away.


Jabbles said…
Justin is your son right?
I wish him a safe return home.
baby sister said…
yep, that's my son. He's 22; I had him when I was 12 ;D

Adding a picture.
dynochick (Jan) said…
I wish we didn't have to deal with this war. I am so hoping that this last push will be the final push.

I will keep your son in my thoughts and pray for his deployment to go smoothly.

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