This is the "torch-down" waterproof membrane that they put on the deck area. This is so that we won't get water in the garage. There will be a wood deck that will be built on top of this, so, they tell me, you won't even see this.

They used a torch to heat this material up so the tar that is underneath would melt into the floor panels. As you can see, they were not very careful with their fire handling skills - the material that the contractor installed on the wood sheeting is now a bit melted. I think that was supposed to be some sort of moisture barrier. The posts were also burnt up a bit (photo to come, once blogger lets me add photos again).

The decking will be "floating" - they can't nail it down because they can't rupture the membrane, so they will be laying 2X4's where you see the strips of membrane and then screwing the decking into those 2X4's. And hopefully, they won't miss. However, we're not too worried about water getting in since the deck area is going to be covered by a steel roof. Unless the rain is coming in sideways, I think we'll be good.


dynochick (Jan) said…
Seriously...the suspense is killing me.

Please just one photo, a glimpse, anything...dammit.

Pretty please.

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