vintage knobs...

I am always trying to figure out new ways to use the decorations I already have.

I had removed the pine cones (since that is more of a fall/winter thing) and was thinking "what other type of items could fit in the vases".

So this is what I came up with.
I purchased these vintage door knobs a couple of years ago on eBay. The plan was to replace all the newer knobs that were on all the doors in the house with these vintage ones. I had given the job over to my husband and he eventually told me that it just wouldn't work. So, we ended up buying a bunch of Baldwin oil rubbed bronze knobs, which look really nice - and everything matches (which I like).

So, I had all these vintage knobs. I had originally put them all in an old wooden box that I got from my cousin Wendy - she was throwing it away. And voila! I thought they displayed very nicely.

I still have most in the old box, but I could spare a few for my vases.
I like it.


Charisa said…
I like it too!
Tami said…
Great idea! That painting still freaks me out a bit.
baby sister said…
I'm not sure you're thinking of the right painting...but maybe.

This one is of the "dress makers" that my sister Deni painted when she was in college.

I was thinking that the painting that may have freaked you out was of the birds-eye view of a row boat that if you looked at it the right way, you could see a scary face - almost like Frankenstein...that one was painted by my other sister Terry.

Now we have a painting done by my friend Roberto (from Italy). It is of an elephant and a leopard that are bandits and they are in a Chrysler 300 (convertible) running from the zebra police :)

Jerome likes animals doing human type things, so Roberto thought this was a cool idea.

We love it.

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