some texts from justin...

Friday, April 24
7:50am – We’re leaving our company now
7:53am – Roger, remember to record it!
10am – We look good?

Saturday, April 25
3:20am – I’m almost to the gate. Thank you for coming.
7:16am – I’m getting another weekend pass till Monday.
7:19am – Not sure, my dad is going to maybe stay again.
7:28am – My dad probably won’t stay. Charlie has to be home by Sunday for something in Winchester.
7:32am – Okay mom, thanks, it’ll be nice just you and me.
7:36am – I will, I’m in the van right now. I’ll let you know ASAP.
8:59am – I’m at my briefing.
9:13am – Yeah, it might be around 12ish maybe, we’re all afraid to ask him.
9:14am – I’ll let you know what’s going on, is that okay?
9:22am – Yeah, they’re going to release us he said.
12:02pm – Yeah, I’m filling out the paper for the pass now, can you head here now?
12:34pm – Give me 15 mom, we’re in formation.


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