i cried like a baby...

I've been having a very emotional week with things that disappoint and things that piss me off. I've been stressed at work; probably because I'm finally expected to do something after being on this program for over a year.

Anyway, after stressing most of the day yesterday and after the guys came back from lunch (I didn't take a lunch), one of the guys called out my name and I barked at him "I don't have time right now" before knowing what he wanted. Then another one of the guys came to my desk and asked how much longer I would be using the UNIX. I told him that I didn't know, but that I would be in a meeting at 2:30 so if he needed to use it, he could feel free to use it then. Well, he persisted and said he really needed me to help him with something at his desk. So, I got up and followed him. He walked past his cube and then I started getting the clue. There was going to be something in the lunchroom.

When I arrived at the entrance, all the guys (and the one kinda part-time girl) were all standing in the lunchroom and there it was, a big chocolate birthday cake with "Happy Birthday Yvonne" written on it!

I couldn't help myself, I immediately started crying. I wanted to run away because I was embarrassed about the outburst. The girl asked "why are you crying???"...I said that I've been really stressed...but I wish I had said that it was an unexpected surprise and a very sweet gesture (because it was).

They all took it well and I suppose it was a very good reaction; but one they were not expecting. And neither was I.


Debbie said…
Awwwww that is soooooo sweet of them to have done that for you.

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