mom's celebration of life...

She was very concerned that we have enough money to give her a nice party - one just like dad's.  So, a couple of years ago she opened an on-line joint savings account and put a bunch of money in there.

Three days before she died, one of her wishes was that we get the party planned right away.

We did.  We did it just like dad's.  We had Bill do the Eulogy in the chapel at the cemetery, just like dad.  We planned a lunch at Aspen, exactly like dad.  We had pictures and movies, just like we did for dad.

We invited all the same people, those that were still alive since the last time.  She ended up with the same amount of people at her celebration as dad did.

We did it the week of her birthday (she was born on Christmas, so we had it on the 28th)...we also did that for dad.  He was born on October 10 and we had his on October 13.

It all worked out and I think she probably enjoyed it too.

The collage

Some of the times mom and dad were in the paper

Deni was the MC

Bill gave the eulogy

The crowd

Some came all the way from Belgium

All the kids


Deni said…
can't believe so much time has passed already. nice tribute. hang in you. see you soon.

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