blogs and pregnant nieces...

An old friend of mine just contacted me over FB messenger asking about the checkers I painted on one wall in one of my bedrooms many years ago.  She wants to share it with her cousin – hopefully so that the cousin has an idea how something like that looks…So, I opened my blog to send her the links of the progress.  That’s when I noticed that it’s almost been a year that I have updated my blog.

So, here’s a post about some things that have happened recently, such as this weekend.

 One of my two pregnant nieces had their baby shower on Saturday.  It was held at her mom’s house, which used to also be my brother’s house.  Even though we’ve been there a couple of times since the divorce and have also met up with our old sister-in-law, it is still a little weird to be there.  Everywhere I look, I see my brother’s handiwork.  But I also see her very colorful decorating style.  It’s such a nice place – somewhere you’d just like to ‘be’ to look at all the pretty things.

It was nice to see her side of the family too.  It’s been since my sister-in-law’s father passed away in December of 2012 since we’ve all seen each other.  It was nice to see her mom, who seems to be doing well, but frail.  That’s sad.  I hate that that happens.

The other notable thing that happened, one of my two pregnant nieces had their baby this morning.  1:30am.  I was sent a picture and he is adorable.  A boy; Parker Simon.  He was 7lbs. 14oz.  Born in a birthing pool at their home.  Hippies. 😀


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