sap update...

So, we've collected sap twice since we have tapped the trees.  It seems that sap only runs (at least this early in the Spring) when the sun is out and hitting/warming the tree.  We didn't have to collect any sap yesterday because it was overcast and the sap was not running.

So far we have collected 2-1/2 quarts...not bad, but not great either since that will probably make enough syrup to cover a pancake or two.

Another thing I've learned by reading info on the internet is that you must boil down your sap within 7 days of collecting.  It is similar to milk and will spoil.

Also, I have read that the steam is sticky when boiled and so you do not want to boil it in your house otherwise every surface in your kitchen will be sticky.  Since we just renovated the kitchen, I would be crying if I had to wash every surface because of sticky steam.

We will boil it on the BBQ outside on our patio.  We hope that will be open air enough to make the steam just float away.


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