anything new and exciting (a.n.a.e.)? ~ first week of october


We've been to downtown Detroit three times this week!

Friday night

I heard about a local photographer that was having a "gallery opening" and I thought that would be something "classy" to attend.  Asked a friend if she'd like to join us, which she did.  It was not exactly what any of us had thought and so our stay was short and we headed to a restaurant that I heard about on the internet and wanted to try out; Green Dot Stables.  Totally cool restaurant that cooks up sliders as the main offering.

gettin' slizzard
An interesting thing that happened during this outing was that as we were walking to the opening (Boll YMCA), we heard glass breaking and a lot of yelling.  One, obviously mentally challenged black woman threw a bottle at an unsuspecting white woman, right at the entrance of the building.  The white woman was visibly shaken up and was calling the police.  An Asian woman started screaming at the black woman who threw the bottle.  The scene was strange.  I saw the back of a man holding a baby standing right by the Asian woman.  I was unsure if he was with the Asian woman or just trying to cool down a hostile situation.  I saw others on their cell phones calling the police.  I hesitated walking into the area where this was happening, but since my friend was still walking, I followed.  My friend said somewhat sarcastically "she's obviously mentally challenged", referring to the white woman on the phone with 911.

Saturday night

The Ren Cen, all pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
I had purchased these Groupon's for a moonlight cruise on the Detroit Princess a few months back and still hadn't used them.  The cruising season is just about to be over so I thought it was about time we used them.  We were going to be out on Saturday night anyway at a double 50th birthday party (HBD Debbie & Curt!), so why not just end the night with a nice cruise down the Detroit river?  
It was a chilly-ish night with a hint of fog or mist.  I don't think either of us realized that this was a "party boat" for the real Detroiter's.  On the 2nd level there is a DJ and dance music.  All the ladies there were dressed to the nines - a lot of spandex and even more flesh.  We were more interested in enjoying the night air and views of both Detroit and Windsor, so we headed to the top of the ship.  It was beautiful and quiet.  Heading back down once docked, the smell of cannabis was in the air.

Tuesday night

I blame the iPod...not a great camera
Radio Lab Live - Apocalyptical at the Music Hall.  I love the radio show and thought this live show would be kinda neat.  They basically did their show on stage.  This one was about "The End" and covered the extinction of the dinosaurs, the periodical chart and a Parkinson's "victim" who made his life better by acting in a play called "The End Game".  It was good, especially the dinosaur segment but by the end it had run a little long, you could see people were shifting in their seats (including us).

Now, THAT's a bolt!
On our way out of the parking lot, Jerome noticed a noise coming from the back tire.  We pulled over in front of the Ren Cen and a bolt in the back tire was discovered!  Happy to say we made it home with no issues and I took the car into Belle Tire to get it removed and patched ~ for FREE!


dynochick (Jan) said…
You've been busy.

My tires are like Velco for nails, screws, and bits of sharp metal.

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