beginning of july ~ what's new and exciting?...

We finished painting the espresso doors and drawers and they are busy "curing" in one of our extra bedrooms.

Now, on to the uppers!

One of the most time consuming, frustrating and tedious things to do for this project is all the prepping with paper.  On the ceiling, on the walls and protecting the inside of the cabinets.  So.Much.Work!

...but I guess it's worth it so that you don't get all that paint everywhere.

We finished painting all the white cabinets (other than the peninsula, its shelves and ALL of the doors ~ there are sixteen doors to the wall of cabinets alone ~ and an additional eleven doors to the other cabinets!).

LOVE the contrast and it worked so well!

We felt confident enough that the rest of the work would be moved to the garage that we painted the ceiling and crown molding, cleared away all the paper from everything, including the floor.

Washed out the cupboards and will start refilling them, even though we won't have the doors for awhile.  Just need to start to feel like we have a workable home again.

The medium brown peninsula will be brought out to the garage to get painted...but for now (because was are expecting company), it will stay where it is and we will bring back the old (PINK!) counters so that we will at least have a surface to put things on.

Had the counter-top measured and ordered.  Had the appliances delivered.  Counter-top guy took our sink with him, so we will be without plumbing for another 3 weeks.

We are pretty pleased with how it's looking so far.  Happy to NOT have soffits any longer.  Happy to have a different color scheme (espresso, cream & gray instead of medium brown, PINK, white and black).  As Jerome pointed out, we went from a room that was the color of our cat Sparky to a room that is the color of our cat Smokey! :)  Happy to have new appliances (that match ~ first time ever!).

The list of things that still need to be done:
  • put another coat on the ceiling (which means we need to cover everything again...boooo)
  • paint walls that will be exposed (not covered in back splash tile)
  • wipe the tops of the cupboards (over spray)
  • restock the cupboards
  • install lights
  • connect electrical boxes
  • reinstall phone (NEEDED! ~ yes, we still have a land-line) 
  • install cabinet hardware
  • install cupboard doors and drawers that are done (espresso)
  • respray a couple of the espresso doors (didn't get enough clear coat or had a drip or two)
  • install all 4 lazy Susan's (corner cabinets)
  • install and paint moldings (around windows and doors)
  • paint windows and frames leading outside
  • install window sills
  • paint peninsula & shelves
  • paint cupboard doors (cream)
  • paint 1/4 round toe moldings (and any other little item we missed)
  • have counter-top installed (we get to wait 3 weeks)
  • install dishwasher, sink, faucet, filter, garbage disposal
  • install back splash
  • decorate!


Charisa said…
It's looking soooo good! Great work!
It looks FANTASTIC!! I love the contrast of the dark and light cupboards -- such a cool idea. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done!
baby sister said…
Thanks guys! We absolutely LOVE it! It's almost a year since we started the project and we are VERY happy we did!

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