end of may, beginning of june ~ anything new and exciting?...

We hired the drywalling out.  Glad we did.  He did a really good job.
In the past couple of weeks we've primed the walls, installed crown molding,

then brought in the hardi-backer board...
laid the tiles...

and grouted.

Regarding the grout and the tiles I chose.  We washed the floor about 6 times after grouting.  There was a lot of grout haze.  After we were certain to have all the grout haze removed, we went to bed.  In the morning when we walked into the kitchen, there were still a lot of areas that had grout in some micro creases in the tile.  The tile is a matte finish and you can really tell where the remaining grout is.  We've tried using magic eraser, a scrub brush, a scouring pad of a sponge.  We've bought a product that says it's acid to remove grout.  NOTHING has worked.  And I'm a bit down about it.  Plus I'm worried that all that scrubbing is going to mess up the matte finish.  All that money, all that time seemingly wasted because the floor looks shabby.  It looks good as long as you don't look at the light reflecting off of it.  So, basically it looks good at night.  Jerome says not to worry (as he usually says), but I'm really bummed.  I will call The Tile Shop to see what they recommend.

In the meantime, we've put some paper down to protect the floors and have started prepping the lower cabinets (washing with TSP, wiping with deglosser, lightly sanding and removing dust) for painting (hopefully by this coming weekend we'll have everything prepped and installed).

It's a time consuming job that we do every day after work and on the weekends.

In other news, I'm getting estimates for roofs for our rental house.  They are coming in all about the same price ($5500).  So, I guess I then have to give the job to the person I liked best.

Lots of money going out this year in the rentals; balcony, AC and roof.  Plus what we're spending on this kitchen.  Hope we have money left over at the end.


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