may week 1 ~ anything new and exciting?...


 Went to my niece Sam & her husband Mike's for their housewarming party in Pinckney.  While we were there, we also sold a lady a microwave turntable.  Had it on CL and she happened to be inquiring and we happened to be in the neighborhood, so that was a quick $10.


 Jerome had hoped that we'd be completely done with demo by the end of today.  We were not.  Sunday was remove the layers of flooring day.  Took Jerome ALL DAY!  What was under the tiles was cement board that was screwed down, then there was linoleum flooring which was glued down, then there was a thin piece of board that was nailed down, then we are finally at the original wood flooring.

Can you believe we let the water in the bucket from the hose for the fridge OVERFLOW?! and it went into the basement again, but this time it mostly landed...on the carpet.  UGH!  We've hopefully stopped the leak now.

 I finished up pulling out the nails and unscrewing the screws in the floor so that Jerome could come and finish up the last of the layer of sub-flooring.  We should be done with the demo on Tuesday night.


Spent the evening vacuuming up the walls and floors in the kitchen, the renovation is now ready to begin!

Stopped by The Tile Shop to take a look at what we might use.  And we ended up buying our flooring tile.  $1000!  Headed to Lowe's to see if we could find any backsplash tile that would go with the flooring tile, but cheaper than what you can get at The Tile Shop.  Found one we liked that was a mix of glass and stone.

Drywall guy in the morning, mom in the afternoon to the dentist and out with friends in the evening for dinner and a show.  A lot of fun and a much needed break.


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