life a.d....

...(after dad).

Dave Brubeck died yesterday.  One of dad's favorite jazz artists.  He was 11 years older than my dad.  Maybe dad will be able to hear some good music now in the great beyond.  One would hope.

I've gained nearly all of the weight I lost at the beginning of the year.  bummer.  I attribute that to depression.  The weight loss to dealing with dad's sickness.

I have bouts of mournful tears.  Always when I'm alone.  Like now.

Things are happening that make me feel like we don't have much time on this earth, such as my change of life...a.k.a. pre-menopause.  First time I've missed my period since pregnancy.  I'm the youngest!  How can this be?

What is dad missing now that he's gone?  Some news, I suppose such as one grandchild got married, two grandchildren bought houses, his wife is starting to forget stuff.  Nothing too monumental.  Oh, Barack got reelected, he would have liked that.  He'd be upset that I've gained the weight back.  He was always such a "weightest" (like racist, only for fatties).  My oldest sister has that same affliction.

Life goes on...


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