it's ours...

  ...Along with a balcony that needs to be fixed and an AC that needs replacing.  All ours!

We met with the tenants over the weekend to have them sign the lease and to collect the first month's rent and security deposit - WOO HOO!  That was easy :)  We let them stay there for two and a half days rent free.

So the red outline in this photo is the part of the building we own.  There are four units in this building.  I dream that maybe one day we'll own the whole building - I'm sure it's just a dream.

It's our first house that we own outright!  No mortgage to pay!  Only taxes, insurance and HOA fees.

And with any luck, we are 3 months away from owning the house on Riverside outright too! And then all the rents that we collect from both places can go toward the principal on the house we actually live in.


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