pain in the neck...

In May, I started going to see a massage therapist, Vicki.  I've been having some major pain in my shoulder blade and neck for some time now.  Jerome is tired of having to use his elbow on my shoulder blade every night; it was just so constant.  Also my lower back, but I'm so used to that pain that I don't even consider it any longer.

After a few visits, she suggested that I go see a chiropractor and she gave me a name.

I've been seen by a chiropractor in the past, but could never afford the amount of time or money the chiropractor said it would require.  Back in the day, insurance would never cover this, or if it did, it would only cover a few visits.  The problem I have would require a heck of a lot more visits than insurance was willing to pay.

Well, it was just so nagging that I finally decided I would try it. It was either this, or I was considering going to a surgeon again.  After a full evaluation, they told me that I would need to come in 3 times a week.  I started that regimen immediately.

I've been going regularly since August 20th and I can't believe the relief I feel!!!  REALLY!  I'm not one to ever jump on a bandwagon or tout someone's credibility unless it's truly deserved.  I can actually move my head from side to side without a sharp pain.  I haven't had swelling or pain in the base of my skull for a couple of weeks.  I am rarely having headaches.  It's really amazing!  My lower back will probably never completely reset, but it's feeling better as well.

I can tell that if I were to stop right now that it wouldn't take long before everything would go back to abnormal, so I will keep up with treatment for as long as they say I require it.

The doctor told me that I'm adjusting well and that I only need to come in twice a week now.  I have my re-evaluation on tomorrow morning.  I wonder what they will find?


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