patio set with benefits...

Last weekend we purchased a cute little patio set from Lowe's on-line.  Two chairs, a sofa and a side table + a couple of raised beds for our future veggie garden.

If you buy on-line at Lowe's, in some cases they give you free next day delivery.  In the case of large items like this, it's wonderful for us because we have small cars and the last time we purchased some outdoor furniture from the Home Depot, we had to rent a truck for $19.

We saved nearly $100 by doing the following:

First we purchased Lowe's gift cards from Kroger.  Kroger is currently having a deal on their gift cards; you get 4X fuel points for each dollar spent on gift cards.  In this case we received 1400 points which translates
to $1.40 off a gallon of gas.  We both have 12 gallon tanks, so that means we'll get $16.80 off our next fill up.

We purchased the gift cards using our Speedway MasterCard.  We get 10 points per dollar spent, so we received 3500 points in this transaction which will add $3.68 toward Speedway fuel gift certificate.

We purchased off of the Lowe's website by first going through the website called EBATES.  They give you a certain percentage "cash back" by going through them first when you place an on-line order.  In this case, we received 5% cash back by going through them first to connect to the Lowe's website.  This resulted in $17.30 that we will receive in "big fat check" form from EBATES next quarter.

Finally, I scored a 10% off coupon for Lowe's, so that was the final $34.60 off the total amount of our purchase.

If you include the $19 from not having to rent a truck, or even our own gas that we would have used, we will receive in some form or another (immediate savings, gas or cash back) $91.38 for our time and effort.

And the furniture was delivered to our house in less than 24 hours.  We placed the order around midnight the night before and the delivery was around 1pm.


Anonymous said…
I adore this blog and everything about it. I have been reading it for awhile but have yet to say hello. well...Hello!
Charisa said…
What a deal! Nice going!
dynochick (Jan) said…
That's some fancy wheeling and dealing.


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