before i get too far behind...

I haven't blogged in a while.  Can't believe all the crap that has been happening in our life.

While we were in Europe, we noticed that we had not received September's rent payment from our tenant.  Then we received an email from our tenant that stated that basically she was unable to pay the rent this month...and really doesn't know when the next time she will be able to pay the rent.

She had just signed a new lease with us.  Unfortunately we had to begin eviction once we got back in the states.

Then it was nearly 3 months of work on the Income Property in order to get it back in shape for a new renter.  There was plenty of damage that cost us quite a bit of $$$ and time and energy.

By Christmas Eve, it was finally ready enough to show potential new tenants.  We put it up on Craigslist on New Year's Day - and that day we pretty much had our new tenant; after a credit check and three showings to other couples.  Anyway, they move in at the end of the month and we couldn't be happier about that.  Tired of working on the house, tired of losing money...hopeful that this couple will thrive and leave the place in as good of condition as they received it...if not better.

In the midst of all of this work; going to the Income Property every day; after work, on the weekends; 300+ hours of work ~ my father landed in the hospital.

This was not the first time this year, as you may know if you keep up with my blog.  However, this was a life changing visit.  Apparently he suffered a heart attack, had a Urinary Tract Infection and a week into his visit we were told he had total kidney failure and would need to be on hemo-dialysis three times a week.

All of this is new territory for my parents and of course for us too.  This changes a lot for my dad.  He has to take an ambulance to the facility that is attached to the hospital in order to get his treatments.  This will happen three times a week.  The dialysis lasts 3.5 hours.  The biggest issue is the transportation and the transferring from his wheelchair to the stretcher to the "lazy boy" chair, back on the stretcher to his wheelchair...this will take a lot out of him.  And we may be adding a couple more transfers in the middle of all of that because he may need to get weighed before and after treatment.  So, all of that feels very inconvenient to my dad.  But on top of that he'll need to change up his diet a bit...well, a lot.  He will have to say good-bye to his long time lover; salt.  He can only drink 48oz. of fluids a day.  He has to steer clear of all the things that he's used to having if he wants the dialysis to be successful.

Yesterday was his first "travel" treatment and I went along with him.  I needed to be at my parents house before the EMS came.  That was 12:30pm.  Then stay with him the entire time while he is dialysizing and follow the EMS back to the house to help unload him.  Made him a protein rich dinner and filled in my mom with all the stuff that happened while he was in treatment.  I didn't get home until around 8pm.  Long day.

I will most likely update this blog as the days go on, but this seems to be my current path until further notice.  Go with dad to dialysis treatment.  Keep him occupied. Make sure he gets home safely.  Make him something to eat...every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

This is better than the alternative.  He had decided that he was going to refuse treatment and see what happened.  He didn't think the dialysis that he received in the hospital was doing anything for him and he was bored doing nothing but sitting there during treatment.  It seems my brother and I talked him into at least trying the "travel" treatment.  No guarantees that he will agree to continue.  But at least it's a start.


Charisa said…
Was getting worried about you - glad you posted but wish you had better news to share. Hopefully once the new tenants move in that will be one thing off your mind. Hope your dad responds well to the new treatments. He's lucky to have you around!

At least it's one more day closer to Spring! Looking forward to planting!
baby sister said…
Thanks Charisa for noticing that I wasn't around :)

He's doing alright at the moment. He had his 4th treatment yesterday. He was in a much better mood yesterday than he was in on Friday...he's usually not in a bad mood, but all of this new stuff has got him to a point where he's a little bitchy ;)

Yeah, my tulips are already coming up! Earliest showing on record.

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