france and italy trip...(Day 7)...

WE, Sept 7 (Corgoloin, Dijon & surroundings)

Ah ha!  Is there a method to their madness?  Was there a deeper meaning to making us sleep in their bedroom?  Why yes!  The head of the bed shares the very thin wall of the kitchen.  F&D wake up early and start banging around in the kitchen and guess what?  We can't sleep.  On our vacation, we are not allowed to sleep.  This works better for them.  They've always had a hard time with us having a fantastic sleep in the cold, dark basement because we don't wake up until nearly lunchtime.  Passive-aggressive?  I think maybe.

So, we're up for breakfast.  Brioche & chocolate milk in a bowl to dip your brioche.

On the schedule for today, visit Sabine's work: Cadeus to watch them make wine barrels.  This is a pretty awesome process.  They are made by hand.  They are different sizes.  The metal bands are different colors.  I took plenty of movies...will post.

Later we pick up our niece Emmanuelle and bring her back to F&D's house for lunch and then head to Veuve Ambel, which is a modern take on the production wine cellar.  Self guided tour.  Wine tasting afterward, even Emmanuelle (she's 14).

This evening we visit Laurent & Laurence for dinner.  On the menu, aperitifs of caviar, pate on bread, eggs with mayo and saussison.  Appetizer of seafood chowder called St. Jacques.  Dinner of ham, rolled with gravy and pasta.  Cheese to help digest and then dessert. Apple tart from Francoise and coffee.  So, so full!

We put on Justin & Sam's wedding DVD and looked at one of the photo books that I made for Jerome (his first 10 years in the US).


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