dad's 80th birthday...

Just this afternoon we finished the final DVD of the 8mm home movies.  We went to Mom & Dad's at around 5:30pm.  Brought some Boston Market for dinner and I made an apple pie this afternoon.

His actual birthday is next week Sunday, but Jerome and I will be on a Wine Tour with our MINI peeps, so we came a weekend early to share some birthday love.  Jerome and my dad share their birth date,...only 45 years difference.

Gave Dad (and Mom) the gift and they both were so happy.  Dad cried (not unusual, if you know my dad)...and my mom nearly cried (VERY unusual, if you know my mom).  So, I would call it a success.  We even got a request to burn one more set for my God Mother; Aunt Pat...which we may do, but at a later date - this was a huge project and we're happy to be done with it.

Here's a little sample of one of the movies.  It's of my sisters at Christmas in 1957...please don't mind the music - this is NOT the music that went into the DVD.  When you put something on YouTube, you usually can't use copyrighted this was one YouTube suggested.

Oh, and the tricky camera work was my father back in the day.


Tami said…
That is really sweet. The song is perfect for your family =)
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see the whole thing!


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