so far behind...

Since I'm still not completely done with updating our New Orleans and Louisiana trip and I really don't want any of the important stuff to fall too much to the wayside,...I want to announce some really great things that have happened in the past month.

#1, my favorite son (OK, he's my only son, but anyway...) came home for R&R from Afghanistan at the beginning of April.  It was really nice to see him - he is growing up to be a much more responsible young man.  I was very impressed about how determined he was about a couple of things that he needed to take care of while he was home.  He required little to no intervention from me and that was really fantastic!!!

#2, we found out that the sex of the baby will be a GIRL!!!!  So I will have a little granddaughter!!!!  That is pretty exciting.  However, they are not sharing the name, which is a bummer :(
#3, my son finally made it official - he asked Sam's father if he could have her hand and then asked Sam if she would marry him - and would you believe, she said yes!  The ring is absolutely beautiful and we are happy things are going in the right direction.
#4, Justin was also asked to speak to his Aunt April's 5th grade class.  According to his Aunt, he did a great job.  He is really comfortable in front of crowds.


Jabbles said…
Good news all around. Good to hear. Just don't go out buying to many pink frilly things, I wanted it to be a surprise when my sister had her baby so I asked not to be told the sex, my mom and sister could not wait. They were told it was a girl, but I now have a nephew, needless to say we all love him, but there were more than a few pieces of clothing to be returned/exchanged.
Debbie said…
Congrats to all of you!!

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