we have been doing a lot of “Fall” things lately – cuz it’s Fall...

This has been an extremely nice year - all year it's been mild; sunny enough and rainy enough. I bought our pumpkin and a corn stalk to decorate the front yard. Put up some of the Halloween décor earlier this month.

We’ve done the obligatory apple picking at the apple orchard (Westview Apple Orchard). We went with Roberto, Agata & Francesca, Pratap, Deepa & Calvin. Even went to the Apple Orchard Inn for an early dinner. Some ordered the hot cider which all seemed to have crud floating around in the glass – I think it was from the cinnamon stick.

We’ve done the Haunted Hayride. We were supposed to go to Slaughtered at Sundown, but you would not have believed how crowded it was, so we had to quickly decide on another one. We went to the Blake’s Apple Orchard (Nighttime Spooky Hayride) and only stood in line for around 45 minutes. Even though I believe I’ve done this particular hayride 3 times in the past, it was still scary, with people jumping out from the corn fields, the weather was nice and clear, the donuts and apple cider were delivered to the wagons by witches! Bill, Denise, Fernando, Jen and her boyfriend joined us. We went out to dinner first at the Golden Buddha in Romeo. That was not the greatest experience – VERY SLOW service. My food tasted good, but didn’t like me very much starting around 2AM that morning. I’m still feeling a little ill.

Jerome did the Cedar Point “Halloweekends” last Sunday. He went on nearly every roller coaster. I was planning on going too, in fact, drove all the way there. But with the whole Thai food thing happening and having to stop 7 times in 3 hours – I decided to drop him off so that he could enjoy it with some MINI friends. Chad, Tori, Ed and his girlfriend, Kristee and her friend Colette, Paul and Molly and Chris. They had a great time and Jerome arrived back home just before 2AM on Monday morning. He was sick for the next 2 days...unrelated.

This weekend is our MINI clubs Fall Color Tour (Blurrr). We will be driving nearly 100 miles. We’ll start in Ann Arbor and drive a nice scenic drive – first stop Hell, MI. Maybe we’ll be able to see the haunted house in Hell…I’ll have to mention that to Rick. The final stop will of course be a restaurant; Creekside Inn. Right now it looks like the weather will be on our side. Sunny and 62 degrees. Very nice.

Other than that – we have the 1st Romeo Haunted Tour on the 26th and then Halloween and Tillson Street on the 31st.

Also, planting 100's of tulip bulbs that we aquired on Mackinac Island from our B&B. According to the proprietors, every spring the hotels on Mackinac Island plant thousands of tulip bulbs, and when they are done flowering, they dig them up and dump them. The owners of our B&B rescue hundreds of them and put them in potato bags. We were fortunate enough to be given one of those bags with at least 100 bulbs. I can't wait to see if they really bloom!

Yep, this Fall has been totally jam-packed with fun-filled Autumny stuff to do.


Anonymous said…
I am so jealous....ok, no I'm not. But I want to have more fun. Check my blog to see what I've been up to.

ps did you see Saturday night live. Alec Baldwin wouldn't even look Sarah Palin in the eye...
Anonymous said…
hey am I the only one that comments on your blog?
baby sister said…
apparently. wish I knew who you were...? :)

I guess Sabine has been trying but each time she gets an error.

Terry has a couple of times and there are a couple of random people that comment occasionally.

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