jerome day...

Have you ever heard of Jerome Day? Well, it's today.

Have you ever heard that every day of the year has a name attached to it and you celebrate this day...almost like a birthday? At least, people will wish you a "Happy Jerome Day"...or whatever your name may be - on your name day.

Well, this is a "tradition" that they do in France.

I have Googled this, but I get nothing. I think I've even Googled it in French, but I still get nothing. At least I think I get nothing, but I guess you'd have to know French in order to really know if you got anything.

I have been married to Jerome for 5 years now and have known him for 8 and a half. I have yet to wish him a Happy Jerome Day.

BUT this is the YEAR!

I don't know what we are going to do on this auspicious new holiday, but I think I know what he'd like me to do.

**Side Note: A friend of mine found an English website regarding this: MyNameDay
So, what's your name day?


Anonymous said…
Hmmm After five years of marriage, I am suprised you don't know much French! Time to learn. Languages are fun. Me gusta espanol! Pero no hablo francese mucho.
Anonymous said…
It is amazing to me how much information is out there on Wikepedia!

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